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 President and  Founder Mr. Anderson, began the idea behind Lavó over five years ago. He was tired of seeing the same old water system be used for cleaning cars which resulted in water spots and streaks. That system also made it difficult, if not impossible to bring a good cleaning to any client anywhere. After years of research and product testing, he finally did it!

After pic of a monthly client's handwash done at their home in their garage.


 LAVO USA is built on the idea of providing water-less car cleaning services on demand to the NYC metropolitan area, parts of CT and NEW JERSEY. Our system allows us to clean vehicles on-demand, anywhere; inside garages, dealerships, museums, car shows, and the comfort of your own home.  

Our cash wash comes to you with no mess left behind.


 Using innovative technologies we are revolutionizing the car cleaning industry one car at a time. With our car cleaning system, cleaning your vehicle is quick and easy. Save time, money, and energy. Lavó opens up a whole new world, don't be held back by water and join the LAVO USA REVOLUTION!


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